We are a small farm that is dedicated to high quality, sustainable growing practices in all areas of production from our cows to tomatoes to wine grapes.

The farm was established in 2012 by owners Josh & Pam on 149 acres along the Hassayampa River in Kirkland, Arizona. Hassayampa Vineyard & Farm consists of a farmstead cheese creamery, 12 acres of wine grapes, a fruit and nut orchard, and a 2 acre produce garden.

Matt Hyde


Matt co-manages all areas of the farm, and is the talented green thumb behind the garden produce. He came to Hassayampa Farm in 2016, having run his own successful organic produce business for 5 years with Sarah. At Hassayampa his growing expertise has expanded to the vineyards, orchards, and livestock care.  You will find him each Saturday at the farmers market with a fresh harvest.

Sarah Hyde



Sarah works with Matt to manage the every day workings of the farm. She keeps the creamery up -to-date on licensing and inspections, as well as manages the office, books, marketing, and customer service.  She especially likes working with the cows, pruning in the orchard, and helping the in the garden.  

Ella McCracken


Ella can be found crafting artisan cheeses in our farmstead creamery or in the cheese cave brushing the cheese as it ages. She started working on the farm's cheese recipes in 2015 and has enthusiastically crowned herself The Dairy Queen. When she's not here making cheese, she is running the Gold Bar Ranch with her husband, Mike.

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